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Michio Kaku

michio-kakuMichio Kaku – Kaku has spent the majority of his career teaching at the City College of New York, where he holds the Henry Semat Chair and Professorship in theoretical physics. Much of Kaku’s work has been devoted to a search for a single unifying theory that can unite Albert Einstein’s earlier findings with quantum physics. His most notable contribution has been as one of the co-founders of string field theory, a branch of string theory. Kaku has authored more than 70 scientific articles as well as several books. He has gone to great lengths to make physics more accessible to non-scientists. Over the years, he’s appeared regularly on the BBC, Discovery, CNN and the History Channel, among others. In addition, Kaku hosts the radio programs “Science Fantastic” and “Explorations in Science with Dr. Michio Kaku.” Heard Saturday nights at 6 on KZIM KSIM

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